Come Sing With Us!

Membership: ViVoce has between 20 and 30 members.  Because we are a small group, we need faithful attendance. We ask that our members commit to performing with us for an entire season, including all concerts, and also to regular attendance at rehearsals (miss not more than three rehearsals per season unless arrangements are made with the music and artistic directors).  

Programs/Concerts:  We perform public concerts twice a year (January/February and May/June), and we also perform at other venues. We have a theme for each concert, and we sing pieces that fit the theme, most drawn  from traditional/folk or folk-based music from the Americas and around the world, as well as early music (madrigals, motets, plainsong), and contemporary works (often folk-based and by local composers).  

Rehearsals: ViVoce rehearsals are Monday evenings from 7 to 9:30 p.m. If you are an experienced singer and are looking to share your talent with the Portland community while having fun with other musicians like yourself, we invite you to audition!

We are looking for singers who read music reasonably well, who are independent on a part, and who are adept at blending with other voices.


  • Vocalize, so we can hear your voice and your range
  • Sight-read a simple piece of music
  • Sing a song (a cappella folk song, art song or aria) of your choice that shows your voice in its best light.

To schedule an audition please contact