About ViVoce

The name “ViVoce” comes from the creative mingling of two Italian words: “voce,” meaning “voice,” and “vivace,” meaning “lively.” The women of ViVoce perform authentic choral music from around the world, giving voice to diverse cultural experiences through song and story. ViVoce’s passion is connecting through song to the Portland community and to the communities of long ago and far away. Performances feature songs, storytelling and poetry readings.

The group is directed by Dr. Jamie Lynn Webster.  Dr. Webster holds a Ph. D. in musicology and ethnomusicology from the University of Oregon. Her graduate studies focused on East European—especially Romany—music, early music, pan-American music traditions, gender issues, and music for film and live drama.  

Contact us at: vivocesings@gmail.com

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Tone Forster, ViVoce Artistic Director (right) and Jamie Lynn Webster, ViVoce Musical Director (left)


Come Sing With Us!

Since our beginning in 2005, over 100 women have sung with ViVoce, giving voice to diverse cultural experiences through song and story for Portland audiences. ViVoce continues to perform folk music in many languages and classical music from across the centuries, shining a light on the essential experiences we share with people from distant times and places.

Please consider supporting ViVoce so we may continue to bring you diverse perspectives through songs from around the world and throughout history.